Details and conditions

 Venue: Gabriella Panzió, Balatonakarattya, Hungary

Everybody may participate on their own responsibility, so they must be at least 18 years old.

Date of the Camp: from 18/08/2017 (Saturday) afternoon to 20/08/2017 (Monday) afternoon.
(20th August is a national holiday in Hungary, so we can recommend you to stay one more night in Budapest and let yourself to be amazed by the traditional huge firework at the bank of the Danube river. Probably some local fans will join you for an – Eurovision Camp – afterparty!)

Meals: the fee includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, 3 main meal on Sunday and a breakfast and a lunch on Monday.

Capacity of the pansion is limited. We keep the right to allocate the guests and/or reject applications. Any overpayment in these case will be paid back. Due to this, please name the guests at registration who you want to share the room with.

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