How to get there?


Gabriella Panzió
8172 Balatonakarattya, Aligai u. 66.

From Budapest Airport

Catch a bus 100E, the express bus which will take you to the city center of Budapest in cca. 30 minutes. To take this ride, you’ll have to buy a special ticket for this which costs 900 Ft. You can buy tickets at the bus stop, from the purple ticket machines. If you’re there, buy plus another simple Single Ticket as well (350 Ft), as you’ll need it when you continue your trip to the train stations.

Get off from this bus at Kálvin tér and change to M4 (metro) in the direction of Kelenföld vasútállomás. Get off at the endstation (Kelenföld vá.). Here you shall change to a train, following the guidance below.

By train (from Budapest)

NOTE: if you come from Vienna by train, unfortunately you won’t have any chance to get off earlier than Budapest Kelenföld. If you have the chance, change there to a train which will take you to the Heaven Camp.

We really recommend you to buy a ticket online, as it’ll be cheaper (and easier)! The destination is Balatonakarattya station, and you can buy your train ticket(s) on this website. (You can maybe buy probably on the bus from the airport – the procedure will take some minutes, but 4G in Hungary is excellent.)

From the trainstation, a short 30 min walk awaits you. (So we do not recommend to take huge luggages and many stuff with you…) You can follow the google maps link above or this guidance below:

Start to the left on Állomás utca, then Rákóczi út. Following the main road, turn to the left on Iskola utca. Again on your left, you’ll find and may follow Debreceni lejáró. Follow your way on Salak utca until you’ll reach Bercsényi lejáró. Here, turn right (!!) After Akácfa utca and Koppány sor, you’ll finally reach Aligai utca. From here, it’s just another 10-15 minutes walk to get to Gabriella Panzió, aka. the Palace of Eurovision Camp. (OK, nobody calls it like this…)

Exact address is above, Aligai utca 66.

By car

GPS coordinates: N 47.00469°, E 18.16593°

Without GPS:
M7 highway – Road No. 71 to Balatonfüred. Leave the traffic roundabout in Balatonakarattya on the street called “Bercsényi lejáró”.  Go straight on this street, until it ends in “Aligai utca”. Continue your way on this street, the pansion will be on your left hand. (House number 66.)